Logo Unity software

Logo Unity software

Installing software that is currently in use at your enterprise or writing new software.

  • Production management
  • Stock management
  • Service and Cost management
  • Procurement management
  • Sales management
  • Finance management
  • General Accounting
  • Software application and installation

Monthly services are offered:

  • Control over Logo Unity software (perform technical services related to Logo Unity)
  • Control over SQL server (SQL server – technical services for fast and continuous operation, automatic backup and database shrinking and etc.)
  • Additions to the Logo Unity module (adjusting Logo Unity by using Lod program)
  • Preparation of company-appropriate printing forms in Logo Unity program (Invoice, input & output forms)
  • Preparation of internal and external web reports according to the company’s internal requests
  • Additional reports are offered that are not in standard package (Warehouse reports, Customer accounts and etc.)

Continuous technical supports are offered for each handed over projects (payment is required)


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