Accountancy and Finance

Accountancy and Finance

Our dedicated professionals have solid skills and experience to deliver high level Accountancy and Finance services. Here are a bunch of solutions we offer:

  • Setting up company’s chart of accounts and dealing with documentation process
  • Case order/online registration and application submit to Tax authorities to get registration code of activity area
  • Apply for business accounts in any banks that customer desires and order of business & payroll (salary) cards
  • Setting up ERP systems and successful implementation of Accountancy base in ERP modules
  • Initial registration of business assets and recording depreciation & other adjusting entries
  • Taking into account purchased & imported goods, calculation of cost of goods and inventorization
  • Dealing with Custom on behalf of clients – broker services & custom declarations/registration of load declarations for import/getting online codes for contracts and reconciliation of payments to custom
  • Accurate setting up staff payroll accounting by considering benefits, withholding taxes and material deductions due to vacation/illness/business trip or other absence
  • Billing for goods sold or services and recording receipts from customers
  • Verifying & recording invoices from suppliers and mutual reconciliations as required
  • Preparations of payment orders to suppliers and governmental authorities
  • Preparation and reconciliation of Bank, Deposit and Tax statements
  • Preparation of financial statements (Income statement/Cash Flow statement/Balance sheet) and submission to the company’s management
  • Preparation and submission of tax declarations (mentioned below) for particular reporting periods:
  • Statistics report
  • Social Pension Fund reports
  • Unemployment insurance reports
  • Value added Tax (VAT) reports
  • Withholding tax
  • Simplified tax
  • Property tax
  • Income tax & etc.


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